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What our clients say

To: AGB Lawyers


While not too much of a philosopher, sometimes I believe that negative events occur in life to provide an opportunity for you to meet new people that truly do care, that maybe you otherwise would not have met.


I want to thank Gaetan, Beverly, Pamela and everyone at AGB Lawyers for their professionalism, kindness, empathy & sympathy in what has been an otherwise unfortunate year.


I truly wish all at AGB Lawyers a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a wonderful 2014.




Geoffrey D.
Ottawa, ON
Estate administration client

AGBL has handled both my business and personal legal matters, including wills, estate planning and corporate affairs, for about five years now.I originally chose AGBL over other legal firms because of their level of service. They are very competent and they offer a wide variety of legal services. You can have them review a business contract, do some estate planning or even handle a divorce. This is a comprehensive service they provide, unlike other specialized lawyers.


The lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff at AGBL are all very personable and knowledgeable. This friendly, capable attitude is reflected throughout the organization.


I’ve built an excellent working relationship with AGBL. They have effectively facilitated each legal process for me. I find them to be very creative and flexible in their approach when resolving issues.


I do not hesitate to recommend AGBL to others, both professionally and personally. I refer all of my business clients to AGBL. Generally, I send them to AGBL for one legal issue and after a while they choose more services. I have also referred friends to AGBL, for real estate transactions, divorce and estate planning.


The entire team at AGBL is very professional and courteous and I’ve enjoyed working with them immensely.


Margaret DeMerchant, Integrated Financial Solutions
Ottawa Ontario
Corporate client

AGB Lawyers has provided me with excellent legal advice and services on a variety of issues including family law, real estate law and probate matters for over eight years. AGBL are caring professionals who are sensitive to their clients’ needs and offer very affordable, high-quality services. In comparison to other legal firms I have used in the past, AGBL is fast and efficient, and they provide a nice balance between professionalism—spelling out the hard facts of what needs to be done—and sensitivity. They have also referred me to other professionals who demonstrate the same level of quality in their work.Legal issues can be complex and confusing for someone who is not trained in the profession. AGBL always has an answer on any legal matter with which I require assistance. I can always count on them to provide me with the legal help I need.


AGB Lawyers are able to explain what is happening and provide recommendations and options so that you are in the driver’s seat to make your own decisions. They are honest, straightforward and transparent, and there are no nasty surprises on their bill. They will be part of my core of trusted advisors for a very long time.


P. Folkes
Ottawa Ontario
Real estate client

I discovered AGBL at a business-networking group. I chose them over other legal firms because of the variety of legal services they provide. They handle business-related legal issues but they can also provide assistance on personal matters. I was looking for someone I could use for all of my legal needs.AGBL has handled the legal incorporation of my company, my will and real estate transactions.


My experience with AGBL has been very positive because the communication is always very good. They clearly explain things to you in an easy-to-understand manner without using “legalese” and give you plenty of time to make informed decisions before signing anything. When you get to your appointment, you know exactly what you are signing and everything is laid out, ready to go. That saves me time and money and gives me a lot of confidence in my legal team.


When referring people to AGBL, I tell them that they are people you can talk to, and they handle legal issues effectively. They take the time to consider all of the details, keeping their clients’ best interests in mind. I have recommended AGB Lawyers to friends and they have been very satisfied with their services.


Grant Mellow, ActionCOACH
Ottawa Ontario
Corporate client

My wife and I came to AGBL for our personal business interests. It wasn’t long before we entrusted Gaetan and his team with our real estate transactions, wills and other business-related legal matters.I have dealt with many other legal firms in the past. The difference with AGBL is the friendly atmosphere. The lawyers and support staff are smiling, amiable and approachable. Most importantly, they are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.


In addition to the positive atmosphere, the whole office is focused in a unified fashion on each file. The support staff may initiate and handle some of the specific tasks but the lawyers are always available for consultation and clarification. This has given me assurance and peace of mind so that I can look forward to all stages of the process with a sense of confidence.


The lawyers at AGBL are extremely forthright and realistic. Their depth of knowledge and focus instills confidence in their clients. They aren’t overloaded with files to the point where they don’t have time to deal with each client individually, as is the case with many other legal firms. I would not hesitate to recommend AGB Lawyers to anyone considering working with them for their legal needs.


Norman Willet
Ottawa Ontario
Corporate client

My husband and I first learned about AGBL lawyers through a business-networking group. We were referred to them by a trusted friend, and we have not been disappointed. AGBL has handled family law issues and other personal matters for us for the past three years.We have used other legal firms in the past, but decided to go with AGBL originally because of their convenient location and business hours, the friendly atmosphere in their office and, of course, our friend’s recommendation. After working with AGBL, it’s their personable, warm approach and their professional capabilities that keep us coming back. They continually go beyond our expectations.


In comparison to other firms, AGBL is much easier to work with—you get a warm, fuzzy feeling dealing with them—and their pricing is much more reasonable. The AGBL staff don’t rush you through your appointment. They ease you through the legal process, explaining things carefully and ensuring you understand all of your options before making any major decisions.


If someone were to ask me about using AGB Lawyers, I would tell them they are making the right decision. We’ve recommended AGBL to friends and associates without hesitation. As clients, we’re very pleased with AGBL and their staff and we will continue to use them for the foreseeable future.


S. Kendall
Ottawa Ontario
Family law and estate-planning client