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Effective Court Representation may be required in your case. As such, you will benefit from reliable and experienced counsel in the Court-room supported by a well-trained support staff. The DRC has the talent and dedication to put your best course forward and prevail on final submissions.


The modern Family Law Court is designed to facilitate settlements and focused use of the Court’s resources (notably Judge’s limited available Court time). The lion’s share of Court applications are resolved without an adversarial hearing. Accordingly, our DRC counsel are well prepared with your pre-approved negotiation strategy to obtain the best outcomes during the preliminary stage of case conference, interviewing stage of settlement conference and to any adversarial hearings in Motion or Trial.


Our many decades of experience hone our recommendations with specific estimates and litigation opinions which may make a vast difference in truly assessing the law model and the merits of your case. When it comes to trusted advice and reliable strategic counsel, our Chambers can satisfy your needs for effective representation throughout the litigation process.

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